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Help support our activities and entitle a household representative to vote at the CPCA Annual General Meeting.


Help support our activities and entitle a household representative to vote at the CPCA Annual General Meeting.

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Read the archived minutes from the CPCA Annual General Meeting and the Board Meetings

News & Events

Public Consultation

May 17, 2018

Residents are invited to attend a public open house on the design of the Carlington Hill bike park.

Please find more information here :

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Let’s Spring Clean CLYDE Avenue!

Apr 26, 2018

Date: Sunday, April 29, 11:00 – noon

Rain Date: Monday, April 30, 6:30 – 7:30 PM

We’ll MEET AT the corner of Bonnie and Clyde.

Please bring work gloves, and any leaf waste and garbage bags you have (reuse your shopping bags).

We will have some available, as well. Rakes may be handy, too.


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Sep 25, 2017

Proposed Zoning for 1375 Clyde Avenue
(Dymon Storage Development)


Wednesday, September 27th
Drop in between 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Old Value Village Building
1375 Clyde Avenue
View the plans for the site and get your questions answered by City Planning Staff, the Planning Consultants, Ward Councillors, and the Dymon Group.

1. Storage & warehouse facilities belong in industrial or business parks, not adjacent to residential properties or where future retail development is planned.
2. Dymon wants to be exempted from current development requirements that were put in place to ensure that the property looks good, is green, and fits into the community’s vision for a better-functioning, pedestrian-friendly Clyde/Merivale Road.
3. This development will add congestion to an already failed intersection (Baseline & Clyde).

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2016 AGM Approved Minutes

Sep 19, 2017

Copeland Park Community Alliance
Annual General Meeting, Wednesday, November 2, 2016
St Basil’s Roman Catholic Church, 940 Rex Avenue

Call To Order: 7:05 PM

Approval of 2015 Minutes
Moved By: Sophie Rybek
Seconded By: Gerry Clark

The President’s Report
Marjorie Shaver-Jones

Welcome to the Annual General Meeting of the Copeland Park Community Alliance. Your community association has had another very good year.

I’d like to thank some of the people who’ve helped us achieve what we’ve been able to accomplish. Let me introduce your Board of Directors. Filling the Executive Director positions with me are:
Steve Wilson, VP and Secretary
Brad White (Brad will be stepping down this year, so we will be looking for a new Treasurer) and
Bert Rupert, Past President
The other Directors are:
Mike Sims, Membership Director
Dave Hunter, Web-site Director
Dave Madden, Director-at-large
Jamie Mason, Director-at-large
Jennifer Bougie, Director-at-large (Jen is not able to be with us this evening)
Catherine Fortuné Director-at-large
Rob Edwards, Director-at- large (Rob is stepping down this year)

During the year, we undertook our usual Membership Drive, in hope of collecting e-mail addresses for as many community members as possible. This is the only way that we can communicate effectively and quickly with all Copeland Park residents. We still lack many addresses. You can help us with this, by encouraging your neighbours to go to our web-site and subscribe.

Many thanks to Dave Hunter for keeping our web-site and our mailing list up to date, throughout the year, and for forwarding concerns from anyone who needed to contact the Board through the web-site.

Canada Post, which was a major preoccupation last year, has installed community mail boxes throughout our area, and although a number of us experienced difficulty with the boxes, especially during the winter, that issue seems to have quieted down, as we’ve become resigned to the new way of receiving our mail.

Our Community Yard Sale, last spring was a wash-out. It rained all weekend! A few people attempted another date, but without the advertising we’d arranged, it didn’t work out quite as we’d expected…
We’ll do it again in the spring, hopefully with better weather.

Traffic remains a priority concern, particularly trucks, speeding, and the volume of traffic along Maitland/Clyde; and speeding and cut-through traffic along Erindale, Clyde, and Castlehill.

The proposal for bus rapid-transit along Baseline Road will present our community with a number of challenges, and I will speak more about that later this evening.

Councillor Chiarelli’s office staff helped us get the “Slow down” signs that we placed along Maitland and Erindale, and throughout the neighbourhood. We’ll install more of these in the spring.

We worked with the Councillor’s office to get funding to re-surface the tennis courts in Greenlawn Park and we got assistance from the City for a rink in the same park. Both were tremendous successes this year. An amazing group of volunteers, led by Jamie Mason and Dave Madden, provided the community with a terrific pond-rink, and we now have a beautiful new surface on which to play tennis.

We’re interested in the Ottawa Mountain Bike Association’s proposal for a bike park on the Carlington Ski Hill, and have taken seriously the concerns expressed by the friends of Carlington Park. Because this is a location used by a number of our residents, we need to stay aware of what is taking place there. You will hear speakers from both groups later this evening.

We can always use more Board and/or Committee members, in order to address some of the issues that affect the residents of our community: development (infill), transportation/traffic. And we need a number of skill-sets (legal advice, planning & development, communications, and fund-raising). If you can contribute, please make that known to any of the Board members.

We look forward to an active and productive year ahead. Thank you all for your continued support.

Marjorie C. Shaver-Jones

Treasurer’s Report By Brad White Prepared – October 17, 2016

Copeland Park Community Alliance

Balance brought forward from September 19 2014                                                                     $ 6,595.76

Revenue & Deposits

Donations and Membership Dues (Sept 24 2014 )                                         $ 330.00

Donations and Membership Dues (Dec 24 2014)                                                          $ 300.00

Membership Dues and Yard Sale Float (Sept 16 2015)                                               $ 420.00

Donations and Membership Dues (Oct 2 2015)                                                            $ 490.00

Donations and Membership Dues (Dec 16 2015)                                                          $ 100.00

City of Ottawa – Rink Grant (Direct Deposit – Jan 21 2016)                             $ 605.00                       

Rink Grant Cheque & Membership Dues (Mar 16 2016)                                             $ 313.00

City of Ottawa – Rink Grant (Direct Deposit – Apr 2016)                                            $ 302.00

Donations and Membership Dues (Sept 21 2016)                                          $ 30.00


$ 2,890.00

$ 9,485.76


Community Expenses

chq #47 – Steve Wilson re. Flyer Delivery(X2) – Mcpherson family (May 2015) $ 200.00

chq #48 – Brad White – CPCA Auction Float (June 2015)                                            $ 200.00

chq #49 – Yard Sale Donation (QCHF) – Sept 2015                                                     $ 115.00

chq#50 – Marjorie Shaver-Jones reimbursement (AGM, Printing, Auction, etc)  $ 634.93

chq#51 – Steve Wilson – AGM Flyer deliver (Sept 2015)                                            $ 100.00

chq#52 – Bel-Air CA – rental cost for candidates event (Oct 2015)                                $ 32.35

chq#53 – Jamie Mason – Greenlawn Rink Supplies (Jan 2016)                         $ 134.40

chq#54 – Jamie Mason – Ring expense float (Jan 2016)                                                  $ 500.00

chq#55 – Void Cheque for Direct Deposit from City (Rink fund)                                   void

chq#56 – Agincourt Playscape Project Donation (May 2016)                            $ 1,500.00

chq#57 – Dave Hunter – yard sale banner reimbursement (June 2016)                  $ 199.33

chq#58 – Steve Wilson – AGM Flyer Delivery (Oct 2016)                                              pending

chq#59 – Marjorie Shaver-Jones – AGM Expenses (Oct 2016)                          pending

chq#60 – Steve Wilson – Flyer delivery – Yard Sale (June 2016)                                   $ 94.00

chq#61 – Steve Wilson – 3rd Yard Sale banner (June 2016)                             $ 102.04

$ 3,812.05


Current Balance                                                                                                                            $ 5,673.71



Greenlawn Rink Summary



City of Ottawa – cheque                                                                           $ 303.00

City of Ottawa – Rink Grant (Direct Deposit – Jan 21 2016)                 $ 605.00

City of Ottawa – Rink Grant (Direct Deposit – Apr 2016)                                   $ 302.00


$ 1,210.00 Expenses

chq#53 – Jamie Mason – Greenlawn Rink Supplies (Jan 2016)                $ 134.40

chq#54 – Jamie Mason – Rink expense float (Jan 2016)                                   $ 500.00



$ 634.40


Current Balance (Greenlawn Rink Project):                                                                                            $575.60                                                                                                                                    


Greenlawn Park Update (Rink & Tennis Courts) By: Dave Madden & Jamie Mason

Dave and Jamie reported that there was no shortage of volunteers (at least 20) to assist with rink construction and maintenance. User numbers were equally impressive with an estimate of about 1,000 skaters throughout the season.

Greenlawn Park volunteers organized a fund raiser for local family in need of financial assistance.

Local resident, Paul Sutcliffe, donated a refurbished snow blower to help with snow clearing of rink for the coming season.

Tennis court resurfaced with much assistance and guidance from Rick Chiarelli and his staff.

Copeland Park resident, Barry Laughton, whose home backs onto Greenlawn Park, asked to speak on the subject of the pond rink.
Barry was very supportive and complementary of the rink and the volunteer crew that maintained it.
Barry donated about a dozen hockey pucks that appeared in his yard after the snow melted. There was no damage to his house but it did get hit occasionally. Barry asked if the rink could be located more centrally in the park (further from his property) to reduce risk of property damage. Jamie explained that the rink was located to optimize lighting. Another resident, Gerry Clark, suggested reorienting the rink to make play at right angles to the original orientation. Reorientation will be examined. It was also suggested that better signage be put in place addressing ‘no hockey’ restriction.

Gerry Clark posed the question of warranty on the new tennis court surface. The question arose due to damage caused by ‘field’ hockey being played on the new surface. Fortunately the damage reported appears to be light scuffs that a City crew will clean in the spring, in an effort to restore the surface.
Dave Madden reported that bylaw enforcement and a cease and desist order will keep hockey players off the tennis court.
Marjorie reported that although ball hockey tournament(s) had been promoted on Kijiji, the notice has now been taken down off the site.
Mike provided an explanation as to why Greenlawn courts were chosen by the ball hockey group – The courts are enclosed and the paved surface is ideal . Surface also judged as being in rough shape (prior to being resurfaced), thus no harm done by playing ball hockey on them.
Marjorie contacted the ball hockey group organizer and directed him to the right City contact for assistance in identifying suitable venues.

Traffic Update (Part 1) By Marjorie Shaver-Jones

The Baseline Road Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor runs from Bayshore Station to Billings Bridge Station with a total length of 14.5 kilometres. Estimated time saved is 6.5 minutes over present system between Baseline Station and Heron Station… not rapid. Judged as simple rejigging of existing bus route.
Marjorie presented graphic of typical road corridor and intersection cross-section illustrating relationship of sidewalks, bike paths, vehicle lanes and bus allowances (see image below).
Present BRT design will have fewer bus stops, down to 24.
Concerns raised regarding pedestrian access to bus stops at centre of corridor. Pedestrian crossings will only be located at signalized intersections.
Concerns raised regarding cut through and U-turn traffic caused by restricted access across Baseline Road.
System not seen as true rapid transit due to minimal time gained.
Potential problem for people with strollers, wheel chairs, walkers etc.
Snow removal process seen as a potential problem. Apparently special equipment for task will be acquired.
City staff report due shortly, and will be presented to the city’s transportation committee in February. Needs public input. Contact information on Baseline RTC form.
Two City committees involved – Transportation & Transit. Our councillor, Rick Chiarelli is on neither.

Traffic Update (Part 2) By Jamie Mason & Dave Madden

Met with Councillor Chiarelli to share concerns about speeding, cut through traffic, ignoring stop signs etc.
Dave Madden stressed flagrant disregard for stop signs at Clyde & Bonnie and on Castlehill. Jamie Mason suggested more people should call police and complain – greasy wheel theory.

Question from floor regarding speeding and location of light on Maitland at Trinity United Church. Present location doesn’t help traffic on Agincourt Road access Maitland Avenue. Dave suggested calling City to see if anything could be done to relocate the light.
Another person from the floor reminded us that the light was installed at present location as a result of a pedestrian (young child) being struck and killed at that location.
Light originally installed as a pedestrian light.

Dave addressed the issue of the Maitland/Erindale/Glenmount intersection. Can Erindale and Glenmount be aligned to simplify intersection? To align these two streets would require expropriation of at least 5 properties. Unlikely to happen.

Bert Rupert has investigated and approached City on implementing different light change sequencing but to no avail.

Dave reported on collision incidents at this intersection. Between 2012 and 2014 inclusive there were 24 collisions. Near misses are not reported.
Problem of people turning right onto Maitland off either Glenmount or Erindale when Maitland on red cycle. Many drivers just continue on unaware of the second light. Attendee suggested a sign pointing out the stop line might help. Steve Wilson reported that there are signs doing exactly that but they appear ineffective.

Truck traffic – not permitted on Maitland between Woodward and Clyde unless a delivery is being made
in immediate area.

Ottawa Mountain Bike Association Proposal For Neighboring Carlington Park:

Presentations by (Ottawa Mountain Bike Association) OMBA guest representatives Dave Marchand-Smith, John O’Dea and Rebecca Marchand-Smith and by Friends of Carlington Park representatives Erika Kiss and Linda Landry.

OMBA described as a non-profit organization supported by volunteers.

Carlington project will occupy park space located on the plateau below the reservoir and above former ski hill. Suggested we picture sculpted mounds. Generally referred to as a pump track vs skills trail. Trail/track would be 2 to 3 feet wide without any dangerous features – family targeted. No solid design yet – OMBA will be consulting with users and adjacent communities.

Should be no environmental concerns as designated space is presently a mowed surface. Won’t effect any natural areas.

Parking seen as a non-issue as trail will be used by mostly locals. Typical day might have 20 users. City suggested parking would be available adjacent to hockey arena at bottom of hill.

Question of funding – no City money involved. Money would be raised by way of OMBA fund raising.
Project has been given City approval.

Friends of Carlington Park – Linda Landry and Erika Kiss spoke to issues related to potential loss of link between Carlington and Copeland Park neighbourhoods. Potential loss of shared space a concern.
Environmental concerns regarding habitat and migration paths for various bird species and bats etc.
Existing paths and trails need to be left unobstructed.

Q & A:
Will area still be available for leisure use (walking etc.)? – Yes, OMBA area will occupy between 2 & 3% of total park area.

Will area be fenced? – No, no safety concerns.

Will area be for only daylight use? – Yes.

Is facility City run? It is fully funded & operated by OMBA under stewardship agreement re maintenance etc.

What is the official status? Phase 1 has been approved by the City (phase 1, 2 years).

What is time line? Will start phase 1 in spring 2017.

Question of shared use – Some Carlington residents reported that they had not been consulted. OMBA said Carlington was consulted.

Jamie Mason talked about his child being clipped by a passing cyclist. Cyclist didn’t acknowledge incident or accept any responsibility.
Dave, from OMBA, says their group wants to nurture nature and responsible cycling.

Greely area mountain bike web site has OMBA reference crossed out. Why? OMBA not affiliated with this group.
Note that their Kanata site has been operating for 12 years without any problems.
Marjorie addressed concern about parking on Clyde and Castlehill. Suggested signage be installed to restrict parking. Parking at Duluth Arena at bottom of hill will be advertised.

Marjorie asked if OMBA will be hosting any events that would bring in large numbers of bikers? Not common but might host bike demo days.

Election of Officers
The following residents indicated a willingness to serve on a community board for the upcoming year:
Marjorie Shaver Jones,
Steve Wilson,
Bert Rupert,
Mike Sims,
Dave Hunter,
Dave Madden,
Jamie Mason,
Jennifer Bougie,
Catherine Fortuné,
Andrew Hind
Alan McNaughtan

Moved by Bob Liberty
Seconded by Don Hadden –
That these individuals be constituted as CPCA’s Board of Directors for 2016 – 2017.
Approved by consensus.
College Ward Update by Councillor Rick Chiarelli

Rick congratulated Marjorie on her Provincial award for Senior Citizen of the Year for the City of Ottawa

Rick reported on snow clearing plans. The ‘Where’s My Plough’ app has been cancelled due to inaccurate reporting when enquiries placed. No plans at moment to re-activate the app.
Current policy dispatches snow ploughs when snow depth reaches 7 cm. Consideration is being given to change this to 9 cm. Estimate $6 million would be saved.
Expect this to be approved as part of the upcoming year’s budget

Another issue – minimum parking requirements for multi-residential buildings is currently 1 to 2 parking spaces/unit (Ottawa averages 1.5/unit). A new proposal of ‘0’ has been tabled. This would force occupants to be without a car thus forced onto public transit. Concept is questionable due to basic need for guest spaces, service vehicles, etc. There is currently one 14 story building in the market area without spaces.
Public meeting at Centre Point where 300 people showed up.
Our ward 8 is exempt till at least next year.

Next issue – duplicate street names. Project in place to eliminate the duplication. Initially huge opposition.
A number of incidents when emergency vehicles went to the wrong address.
Project slowed down for a while but now re-activated.
Effort to commemorate historical figures in past – 95% were men, 5% women. Nominations historically favoured men. Effort now in place to create more of a gender balance.

Baseline Road BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) – Huge internal initiative at City Hall.
Buses routed down centre of Baseline Road will have problems but can’t be stopped. 14 houses will be expropriated plus the Harvey’s at Merivale and Baseline to accommodate 2nd bike lane.
Letters to City Hall (Councillor Rick Chiarelli) referencing concerns are of greater value.
Concerns about U-turns raised at traffic meeting as it applies to accessing condos. East bound traffic will lose direct access into condos and be forced to next available intersection and perform a U turn. This will increase risk of collisions.
Meeting needed to address concerns but must happen before February, 2017. Rick suggested focusing on a few major issues rather than a large quantity of lesser issues.

Motion to adjourn by Dorothy Wilson, seconded by Brad White.

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Nepean Synchro Club Registration

Aug 29, 2017

For BOYS AND GIRLS ages 5 – 15 who are looking for an active water sport this season, check out Nepean Synchro!

Our Recreational Programs range from a 6-week Junior Squirts program for 5-7 year olds, all the way to full-year programs for all ages, including a Teen Intro to Synchro for 13-15 year olds.

NEW THIS YEAR: introducing the CAN Swim Synchro program, as well as some fun swimming for the young ones with Mermaid Tails and Shark Fins!

Synchro is a sport that promotes strength, endurance, flexibility and artistry, to name just a few benefits. If your son or daughter enjoys swimming and loves music and team work, then synchronized swimming may be the ideal sport for him/her!

TRY IT FOR FREE! on Thursday, August 31, 2017 from 5-6 pm at the Walter Baker pool.

Programs are offered at the following facilities:
Soloway Jewish Community Center (near the Canadian Tire on Carling Avenue)
Britannia pool (off the 417 at Pinecrest Avenue)
Walter Baker Sports Center
Nepean Sportsplex


Register at

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We All Share The Pathway

Aug 22, 2017

The NCC ‘bike path’ is an integral part of our community. It’s used by cyclists, walkers, joggers, skateboarders – young and old. This variety of users more appropriately identifies the pathway as recreational, rather than strictly for cycling.

Like our roadways, which are shared by many different users, the ‘recreational pathways’ need to be shared.

Rules of conduct must apply to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment:

Use the right-hand lane except when passing.
Call out or use your bell when overtaking anyone.
Check (including behind you) that it’s safe to pass.
Use the left lane for passing.
Observe speed limits and stop signs.

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