Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
7:00 – 9:00 pm
St. Basil’s Roman Catholic Church
(lower level meeting room)
940 Rex Avenue, Ottawa
(entrance to parking lot: east off Maitland Avenue, north of the Queensway)

(Items in bold print call for a vote)

1. Call to Order
2. President’s Report – Bert Rupert
3. Treasurer’s Report – Brad White
4. Tribute/Thanks to Kathy Yach & Hi Carswell, for extended years of community service.
5. Community Survey Report – Mike Sims
6. CPCA Expansion Proposal & Discussion – Bert Rupert
The Board asks for authorization to explore expansion of the CPCA’s geographic boundaries, to include the area bounded by Baseline Road to the south, Clyde Avenue to the east, and the NCC bike path to the north and west.
7. Election of Officers for CPCA’s 2012 Board of Directors
8. College Ward Update, including news of the Merivale Triangle development. – Councillor Rick Chiarelli
9. Other Business
10. Adjournment

Your membership with the Copeland Park Community Alliance expires with this Annual General Meeting.

Please ensure that we have the resources needed to operate your community association. Renew your membership, by paying the $10 annual fee. You may do this at the AGM, or by delivering the form printed on the back of the AGM flyer (with your cash or cheque) to:
– 1060 Cameo Drive, or
– 1465 Baseline Road, Suite 603 (Ring number 210), or
– 1285 Woodside Drive.

This community board needs fresh voices. Some of the current executive members have served for long periods of time. You live here, and you enjoy the benefits of being part of this neighbourhood. Please consider taking a turn at serving on your community board of directors. These few volunteer hours each month are sure to be a learning experience you’ll treasure.
If you would like more information on these positions or ways in which you might help the executive, please contact:
Steve Wilson, 613 224-3314.