Future Challenges : Moving Forward

For the past 25 years, residents in Copeland Park and part of the Bel-Air community have been represented by the Copeland Park Community Alliance (CPCA). Over the years, the CPCA achieved a great deal in preserving the character and quality of our neighbourhood – often through advocacy to prevent the negative impacts of commercial developments, traffic flow issues at Clyde/Baseline and protecting Maitland’s status as a non-truck route. We have also successfully promoted the development of better Park facilities and persuaded the City to act to resolve water and sewer issues, as well as sponsoring events that brought community members together.

Increased pressure for intensification and infilling across the City, major commercial developments planned in the Clyde/Merivale/Baseline triangle, perennial traffic issues, and school closures are just some of the matters that will likely have a negative impact on our community in the foreseeable future.

The need for a strong and vigilant Association to represent, defend and promote our Community’s best interests will continue.

Unfortunately, our current Northwestern boundary artificially separates Copeland Park from a large portion of the Bel-Air community, even though those residents share many of our challenges and concerns. We have long acknowledged that the part of Copeland Park west of Maitland needs to be “drawn into” the organization. We have had little membership from that side, and no representation on the Board for many years. Clearly those people have not seen themselves as part of the current organization. We need to change the game, to give them a sense of belonging.

These factors have led your Executive to conclude that now is the time to strengthen our Association to face new challenges. We believe we need to take a number of actions to accomplish this:

Broaden the boundaries of our Community Association to include all of Copeland Park and all of Bel-Air – this would move the original northwestern boundary from Agincourt Road to the NCC bike path, thus making a more natural and recognizable boundary. The number of households (currently 1600) within the Association would double, with a consequent increase in our ability to influence events.
Recognize the fact that Agincourt Road and School would be at the center of our newly defined Community and make it clearer to residents who the Association serves.
Re-brand the Association to provide a better image of what kind of Community we are.
Promote more resident involvement and paid-up membership through high profile events.
Improve communications between the Executive and residents and between residents by re-designing the Association Web site to include Community Chat, Events calendar, Local services, and much more + using the email addresses of subscribing residents to more cheaply, efficiently and regularly provide updates on issues and events.
This is a Work-in-Progress, and, before moving further, we want get feedback, ideas, and, hopefully, approval from members at the November 22nd, 2011 AGM to proceed.