Reporting Illegal Truck Activity

Traffic problems on Maitland and Clyde were the biggest concern stated by Copeland Park residents in our May opinion survey. There are many parts to the problem, including large truck traffic, the dangerous U-turn at Clyde southbound and Baseline, the left turns from Maitland to Glenmount and Erindale, and speeding.

We have solved one of them; you can now see large, clear signs on those roads that prohibit large truck traffic.

Now, we have to ensure those rules are enforced – and that is where you can help!!!

When you see large trucks that are obviously not delivering to local Copeland Park residents, please call our local Police Service Call Centre at 613 236-1222 ext. 7300 ASAP. If you are able to provide a time, place, licence plate number and/or name of Company, all the better. You can use the same number 613 236 1222 ext 7300 to report speeding violations.

The more reports they get, the more likely they are to deploy cruisers along Maitland/Clyde to enforce the rules.

So if you want to have an impact, call in as many times as you see violations.

We also need your help in getting the U-turn sign at Clyde and Baseline removed.

That sign allows vehicles to enter the Wal-Mart shopping center from Clyde and is very dangerous both for other vehicles and pedestrians. And, we need to get improved traffic light sequences at the Maitland-Glenmount-Erindale intersection. It is a frightening experience to attempt those turns during heavy traffic periods, as many of our residents can attest.

If you want to help get these fixed, please call Michelle Larocque at Rick Chiarelli‘s Office 613-266-6099 ext 26675 and press for changes to be made.

Again, the more calls that Rick’s office gets, the more likely something will get done!