CPCA May Executive Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Location: 1465 Baseline Rd., Suite 603
Time: 7:30PM


In Attendance: Marjorie Shaver-Jones, Bert Rupert, Dave Hunter, Mike Sims, Rob Edwards, Steve Wilson
Regrets: Brad White, Steve Livingstone

Marjorie asked to add seven items to the agenda:

  • FCA membership payment.
  • Merivale Road study.
  • Receipt of CPCA incorporation details from Ont. Gov. via Microfiche.
  • Refund from Youth Services Branch for summer students.
  • Initiative to reduce plastic water bottles.
  • Ottawa Neighborhood Study
  • Chiarelli’s Annual Seniors’ Anti-Scam Seminar.

Bert reported on Maitland Avenue:

  • heavy truck traffic continues.
  • Addition of count down light seems to help reduce intersection problems at Glenmount/Erindale at Maitland.
  • Data on accident frequency unavailable.
  • Rob reported asking Rick Chiarelli for red light camera. Yet to receive answer. Rob volunteered to video intersection to support need for camera.
  • Bert to interview crossing guard to get his perspective on red light runners.
  • Rob suggested adding survey regarding Maitland intersection experiences to next membership drive form.

Next AGM & membership drive:

  • Mike supports new membership drive and suggested focusing effort on area west of Maitland due to its very low representation.
  • Next AGM date agreed for Wednesday, September 10, 2014; Marjorie to reserve a room.
  • Rob suggested using summer students to distribute AGM flyers. Flyer to contain date, time, location, agenda, membership form, treasure’s report. Marjorie to prepare the form,
  • General CPCA info sheet to be circulated in early summer to area west of Maitland. Document to be stamped with AGM date. Full AGM document to follow in August.
  • Marjorie suggested an outdoor banner to advertise the CPCA and its web-site. Dave to investigate pricing for such a sign or signs (qty. 1,2 &3). Dave & Bert to discuss potential locations.


  • Rob suggested creating a position within executive of an Event Planner. Would investigate such activities as golf tournaments, CHIP program, garage sale, theatre in the park, etc.
  • Marjorie reported on Merivale area density study. Included analysis of residents, jobs, traffic etc. Councillor Keith Egli is point of contact for this matter. Marjorie reported attending 3 meetings and said she was able to speak to our concerns regarding the Clyde to Maitland traffic levels and that we would strongly oppose this route being made into a major transportation corridor.
  • Web-site – Dave to continue administering. General discussion on access and cloud storage.

Download the May Meeting Minutes in PDF