CPCA Executive Meeting


Date: Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Location: 1465 Baseline Rd., Suite 603
Time: 7:15PM


In Attendance: Marjorie Shaver-Jones, Bert Rupert, Mike Sims, Dave Hunter, Steve Wilson,Jennifer Bougie (guest)
Regrets: Brad White, Steve Livingstone, Rob Edwards

Bert provided an agenda for the meeting.
Bert tabled a motion to accept the minutes from June’s meeting.
Marjorie seconded.
Approved by all.

Presidents Report – Regarding truck traffic on Maitland Avenue. Bert contacted Nancy Cairns at City Hall who in turn directed Bert to Constable Sue Wright of the Ottawa Police. Constable Wright is our community police rep and she can be reached at 613/236-1222 xt’n. 2179 .

Treasure’s Report – Treasurer (Brad White) not in attendance. Bert to contact Brad to get an update.

Next AGM & Membership Drive – Invitation sent to Rick Chiarelli (our City Councillor) to speak at AGM.Mr.Chiarelli may have a conflict regarding mandatory campaign black out period prior Municipal Election. Answer to conflict question remains unanswered.

City representative(s) invited to speak on future plans for Merivale Road north & south as well as Baseline Road (transit etc.). (- action Marjorie). City representative, Carol Ruddy, accepted invitation to speak at our AGM on the Merivale Road and Merivale Triangle subjects. City representative invited to speak on the Transit Corridor subject said ‘no, won’t participate’.

Invitation sent to City Forestry rep, Jason Pollard, to speak on the status of the Emerald Ash Borer. No reply yet. Steve to follow up.

Company of Fools Theater night will be used as opportunity to promote CPCA membership and advertise AGM. CPCA board members (Mike & Steve) will ‘man’ a table (provided by Jenn Bougie) with membership literature etc.

Fools are providing 5 minutes to CPCA board prior to performance to speak on the subject. Mike has volunteered to speak.

Status of advertisement for neighborhood survey positions and Event Planner TBD. Dave to contact Rob on the subject.

Mike spoke briefly with our old postman, Gord, on the subject of the survey task just to let him know it was in the works.

Web Site – option of restricting web site access to CPCA members was discussed. Dave suggested it would be a simple task but did not believe the content, at the moment, justified the move.

Dave reported on web site activity. 360 e-mails sent out, 30 bounced back. Site had 170 visits but only 90 were opened.

In an effort to enhance the site more community content will be added. Dave & Jenn will collaborate on the content. Such subjects as sport activities, day care facilities etc. to be added. Mike offered to look at the day care component since he has information readily available.

CPCA Banner – Proposal to invite vendors to submit a banner design was discussed. Dave suggested that vendors would probably be unwilling to provide a free design due to the likelihood of the client going elsewhere with the project.

Dave asked the Board for approval to approach a graphic designer, at an approximate cost of $50, to refine signage layout so that it would be appropriately sized to be read at a distance.  This was approved along with the banner purchase (2 units) for about $150.00 lot.

New Business – A discussion about our lack of a community building was raised. Jenn suggested we might want to investigate the installation of a ‘Field House’ type building. It is a structure similar to the portable units used by schools.

Marjorie offered to look into this proposal since she has a familiarity with what the qualification criteria is.
Councillor Chiarelli will be contacted by Marjorie.
Suggested site at the moment is in Copeland Park on Navaho between Erindale and Woodside Drive.

Next meeting: scheduled for Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 1465 Baseline, Suite 603 (Marjorie’s abode).