CPCA November Executive Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday, November 20, 2014
Location: 1055 Cameo Drive
Time: 7:30PM


In Attendance: Marjorie Shaver-Jones, Bert Rupert, Mike Sims, Steve Wilson, Jennifer Bougie
Regrets: Rob Edwards, Dave Hunter.
Absent: Steve Livingstone, Brad White, Jeff McLean

Board Appointments: Marjorie nominated by Steve for position of President, seconded by Bert and unanimously passed.

Steve to continue as Recording Secretary, Mike as Communications Executive, Bert, Brad, Rob, Steve L., Jenn and Jeff as Executive Members at Large.

Cheque signing responsibility to be passed from Bert to Marjorie. Bert to inform Brad.

Board Operations: Doodle will continue to be used as on-line meeting scheduling tool.

AGM Minutes: Marjorie moved that AGM minutes be passed with agreed upon changes. Seconded by Mike. Steve to incorporate changes and send to Dave for addition to web site.

October 8 Executive Meeting Minutes: Bert moved that October 8 Executive meeting minutes passed with agreed minor changes. Jenn seconded. Steve to incorporate changes and send to Dave for addition to web site.

Mail Boxes (community): Marjorie reported on a communication from other Community Associations regarding Canada Post’s intentions pertaining to Community Mail Box installations.
Mike commented on issues related to snow removal, debris, traffic and parking around mail box installations.
Delivery options offered by Canada Post for people with mobility challenges was discussed.
Community survey (via Survey Monkey) – Mike to prepare letter outlining our challenge and Marjorie to design/prepare survey.

Traffic on Maitland: Constable Wright responded to an inquiry placed by the board regarding the Clyde/Maitland traffic corridor. The response was a traffic offence data compilation covering 2009 through 2013. Offences included speeding, bylaw (truck traffic) and other.
It was suggested that the numbers justify a more rigorous enforcement than what is apparent.
Bert suggested a lawn sign campaign along Maitland Avenue might help with the truck traffic issue.
Signs with ‘NO TRUCKS’ strung along Maitland might get the message across.
Suggestion to be revisited early next year aiming at a possible Spring effort.

Merivale Road Redevelopment (Arterial Mainstreet): Marjorie reported on attending a density study meeting. Provided a brief overview of population density index numbers as they apply to different business types and residential structures.

Bel Air Community Association: Marjorie reported meeting with Peter Carman, Bel Air Community Association President, and suggested we invite Peter to attend a future CPCA Executive meeting when appropriate. All were in favour.

MetroMedia: MetroMedia is the publisher of the Ottawa West News. Marjorie contacted them to ask if they would be interested in receiving CPCA event/activity announcements. They are interested.
Marjorie also requested receiving copies of the Ottawa West news for the condominiums.

Civic Hospital Expansion:
Marjorie asked that we submit a CPCA letter opposing the process used by Minister John Baird, our MP, to donate Central Experimental Farmland to the Civic Hospital. We are not going to provide opinion on the re-assigned use of the land, just the process used by Minister Baird’s office. All were in favour.

CPCA Identity within the community: Marjorie suggested moving the AGM to Trinity United Church, a building that is actually within CPCA boundaries. All in favour. Marjorie to contact the church to reserve a time and space.
Also want to identify and contact community groups (churches, schools etc.) to invite them to provide us with event notices that we could add to our web site in an effort to help their cause(s) and our visibility.

Next meeting date TBD

Meeting adjourned at 9:15PM