CPCA Meeting With Canada Post

CPCA Meeting With Canada Post (Hosted by Rick Chiarelli)
Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Time: 1:45PM to 2:15PM

Attended by:
Canada Post representatives – Andrew Walasek, Terry Kelly and Steve (?)
City of Ottawa representatives – Rick Chiarelli, Nancy Cairns, Victoria Laaber.
CPCA representatives – Mike Sims, Steve Wilson

Mike and I presented our concerns of which most were aimed at safety as it relates to car traffic and our area’s general lack of sidewalks.
It is believed that a significant number of residents will be picking up their mail on the way home thus having the CMBs located on the sidewalk side where possible (adjacent to the inbound traffic lane) would be the safer choice. This situation applies to Glenmount, Clyde and Erindale. Terry acknowledged our concerns and said they would investigate.

One CMB location was reported on as being of particular (personal) concern. CMB number 4020 on our ‘simplified’ map. It is depicted as being on the west side of Clyde at Bonnie. The effected resident would like to see it moved to the opposite side of Clyde (sidewalk side) or onto the north side Bonnie at Clyde. Again Terry said he would investigate.

The CMB on Glenmount (no. 4029) appears to be very close to Maitland on the northern most side. We suggested that it might be more safely located on Maitland adjacent to Trinity United Church. Short term parking might be available in the church parking lot plus there is a traffic light there to allow safe departure. Terry said he would contact the church and make inquiries.

We submitted a report to the Canada Post reps critiqueing 12 of the Copeland Park CMB locations. This report was based on CMB locations as depicted on a simplified map provided by Canada Post. Unfortunately the CMB locations on this map were very inaccurate thus making our observations and suggestions mostly useless.
Two general criteria were brought to our attention. CMBs cannot be any closer than 7 meters from an intersection or 5 meters from any utility.

Meeting was adjourned promptly by Nancy as another group was scheduled to meet with Canada Post at 2:15.