Two local residents honored by the Mayor

Mme Gwenaëlle Salaün and Mme Zoulikha Stambouli received the Mayor’s City Builders Award from our Mayor on July 8th in recognition of their volunteer work in support of preschoolers in the West End. Gwen is a long time Clyde Avenue, Copeland Park, resident who launched the french language cooperative playgroup, Mes P’tits Copains, for preschoolers in January 2000. She was later joined by Zouliikha who lives close by in Central Park.

Mes P’tits Copains is now in its 15th year and is ever more active. About 300 infants (and their parents) have benefited from this free program that operates every Tuesday and Friday throughout the school year in the Trinity United Church on Maitland. They enjoy crafts, games, gym, yoga or zumba along with snacks and songs.

Gwen and Zoulikha also organize trips aimed at opening the childrens’ eyes to the world around them. These include visiting museums, libraries, sugar bushes, police and fire stations, dentist and doctors surgeries, to name but a few. The focus is on providing these infants with the best possible preschool education and experience in the French language; providing them with a real center of pre-school excellence.

To learn more about their programs, visit or call Gwen at 613 228 0095