Meeting Minutes February 12, 2015

Copeland Park Community Alliance Executive Meeting

Date: Thursday, February 12, 2015
Location: 1055 Cameo Drive
Time : 7:15PM


In Attendance: Marjorie Shaver-Jones, Bert Rupert, Mike Sims, Steve Wilson
Regrets: Rob Edwards, Dave Hunter, Brad White
Absent: Steve Livingstone, Jeff McLean, Jennifer Bougie

November Minutes: Mike moved to adapt November minutes, Bert seconded. Approved.
Mail Boxes (community): General discussions on CTV Vancouver news piece regarding security issues being experienced locally.
– Marjorie contacted Canada Post to get an update on their mailing/communication strategy.
It appears to be a 6 step effort:
1) Grouping options (boxes/module, module size, neighborhood distribution).
2) Security issues.
3) Inform of module locations (no consultation referenced).
4) Installation process.
5) Details of box system, module identification, quantity, etc.
6) Final letter sent summarizing situation.

Further discussions regarding content of our own CPCA survey and introduction letter. Mike to prepare letter and Marjorie to tune survey. Once completed all will be passed on to Dave Hunter for incorporation into web site.

Survey and letter to be distributed door to door as well, Steve W’ to organize this task.

Merivale Road Focus Group: Marjorie received an e-mail from Nancy Cairns (Rick Chiarelli’s office) regarding an invitation to participate in an Index Study Focus Group discussion. Marjorie responded with a ‘yes’ but yet to hear back.

Traffic on Maitland: Review of comments from November CPCA Exec. meeting leading. Questions arose as to what might be the best strategy: posting signs along Maitland, hiring students to monitor and record violators. Question also came up as to whether speeders are more of a threat than trucks.
Marjorie suggested that MetroMedia might interested in an article on the subject.
Bert to review and formulate a strategy for truck issue.

Infill 2: Marjorie provided an overview on Infill 2 (vs Infill 1). It addressed such subjects as building size, building height, back set etc. FCA had discussions on roof configurations, flat vs peaked (sloped), regarding height and visual effect. FCA provided position paper on subject. Marjorie proposed writing a letter supporting FCA position and received approval from the board

CPCA Financial Update: Brad provided an up to date bank statement showing a balance of $7,225.76 .
This includes a recent $300.00 deposit for CPCA membership. Marjorie is yet to submit her bills from late last year for various printing purchases and our banner purchase.

2015 AGM: Marjorie was successful in moving the AGM to Trinity United Church – a venue within the CPCA boundaries. Thursday, September 10 has been reserved. Some further `discussion` is needed regarding applicable fees. Our contact at Trinity is Jenn Kass – reported as being particularly helpful

– Next meeting date TBD

– Meeting adjourned at 9:00PM