Meeting Minutes May 4, 2015

Copeland Park Community Alliance
Executive Meeting

Location: 1055 Cameo Drive
Date: Monday, May 4, 2015
Time: 7:15PM


In Attendance: Rob Edwards, Mike Sims, Bert Rupert, Steve Wilson
Regrets: Marjorie Shaver-Jones
Absent: Dave Hunter, Steve Livingstone, Brad White, Jennifer Bougie, Jeff Mclean

Call to order at approximately 7:15PM

Marjorie suggested that this particular board meeting be focused on the Community mail Box issue and the upcoming Community Auction & yard Sale.
All other previously listed agenda items have been, for the most part, postponed.

Community Mail Boxes (CMB): Brief discussion on CPCA survey results.
Mike and I to attend meeting with Canada Post hosted by Councillor Chiarelli at Centre Point office Tuesday, May 5 at 2:45PM. We are tasked with sharing our CMB concerns with respect to location, safety and maintenance. Also to discuss possibility of negotiating alternate locations.

Community Auction/Yard sale/BBQ: Rob is investigating acquiring an auctioneer – a few options under consideration. How is auctioneer to be paid – fixed fee vs percentage(?). Feedback for participation via distributed flyers, e-mail and web site. Rob mentioned contacting Ed Hand at W1310.
Auction vs yard sale items – more valuable items to be auctioned.
$ breakdown – CPCA/Charity/Owner?
Questions for Councillor Chiarelli – Event Title? Rain date?
Event timing – registration – auction – lunch ?
Location – Greenlawn vs Copeland Park?
Tables – borrow, rent?
What to do with post auction and/or yard sale residue? Items left behind could be donated to a suitable charity like diabetes, kidney foundation etc. Such charities collect via the Clothes Line Pick up service.

Traffic Update: Bert proposed doing a survey of Maitland Avenue residents regarding traffic issues (trucks, speeding etc.). This could be done by door to door action (flyer) and/or posting on web site. Bert to initiate.

Adjourned at approximately 9:15 PM