Meeting Minutes July 23, 2015

Executive Meeting

Location: 1055 Cameo Drive
Date: Thursday, July 23, 2015
Time: 7:15PM


In Attendance: Marjorie Shaver-Jones, Rob Edwards, Mike Sims, Bert Rupert, Steve Wilson
Absent: Dave Hunter, Steve Livingstone, Brad White, Jennifer Bougie, Jeff Mclean

– Call to order at approximately 7:15PM

– Community Auction/Yard sale/BBQ:
Financials – Sorted through Bert’s sales records (receipts),
cash in hand and float status. Net effect yielded $115.00 for The Queensway Carleton charity and
approximately $75.00 for the CPCA (less costs).

What worked, what didn’t?
– Need more than one person on receipt duty in future if auction process is used.
– Confusion about event location due to park site having same name as community itself (Copeland
park). May need different location or better way of differentiating between park & community.
– Turn-out judged as disappointing. Fewer than 10 actual Yard Sale participants. No count on
spectators but also seen as a bit lite. Low turn-out possibly due to so many personal yard sales going
on in our neighborhood. Auction participation also low but this may have been a product of poor
scheduling on our part. People started drifting away after lunch which was when the auction was to
start. Also suggested that maybe a silent auction would be a better choice rather than the traditional
auction approach.
First year effort could be seen as a learning experience for community members that dropped by and
saw what the event was all about.

– Community Mail Boxes (CMB): Due to Canada Post’s unwillingness to respond to any of our suggestions (or any other communities for that matter), we have decided to give up trying to communicate or achieve anything with them.

– Traffic Update: We received ‘Slow Down’ signs from the City and will be posting them along Maitland Avenue and Erindale. One sign at each end of the selected streets. Bert has taken on this task.
The signs were supplied by Mr. Kale Brown, project officer for ‘Safer Roads’ project.
Mr. Brown will be contacted by Marjorie to see if he is available to speak at our AGM.

– Company of Fools: Theater group will be performing ‘Comedy of Errors’ in Greenlawn Park July 29th
at 7:00PM.
Steve to install Copeland Park Community Alliance sign in park prior to performance.

– Planning for 2015 AGM:
Venue – Efforts to locate event at Trinity United Church has been unsuccessful. Complications with insurance and the church’s failure to respond to our communications caused efforts to be suspended. Board decided to go back to St. Basils. Date is Wednesday, September 16, 2015.
Proposed Agenda – Approval of minutes, President’s report, Financial report, membership renewal drive, etc.. Dave Hunter to be asked to speak on the features of the CPCA web site. Constable Sue Wright to be invited to speak on scamming of seniors, Kale Brown, City of Ottawa Safe Roads Project officer, will be asked to speak.
Promotion – banners to be located as they were last year (Navaho at Erindale & Glenmount at Castlehill). Timing about 2 weeks prior to AGM.
Flyer preparation to be done by Marjorie. Steve to organize distribution on or about September 8 or 9.
Volunteers – Leslie, Pat & Dorothy to be invited back as will Annie Hall to record the minutes.
New Blood – New candidates needed. Possibilities to be approached by Mike, Bert and Steve.
2014 Minutes – some minor corrections required and to be passed on to Dave for insertion in web site.

New Business:
Communications – Rob to speak with Dave regarding Mike being trained to assist with web site administration/maintenance.

Possibility of hiring someone to maintain site also discussed.

Other – Denise Valcour donated $20.00 to CPCA. Board decided to use $10.00 to pay for Denise’s 2015/2016 CPCA membership.

Announcement of City Builder award for Gwen Salaün (local resident) to be added to web site.

FCA membership approved for the current/upcoming year.

Adjournment: approximately 9:15 PM

Revised 11/08/2015