Two Cautionary Tales

A few nights ago, several residents on quiet, friendly Woodside Drive suffered a harrowing experience, just before 9:00pm, when two burly guys dressed in coveralls and safety vests pounded on their doors, insisting they had to come in, in order to perform a safety check. They shook the doors and pulled, in attempts to gain entry.

At one house, the men pushed their way in, but left when the wife yelled at them to get out. At another home, they spoke in a rude and intimidating way to the man of the house. The police were called the following morning, but there was little opportunity for action at that point. Please take this as a warning! Keep your door locked, and don’t open your door to anyone who acts suspiciously.

On another street, during the day, a woman received a very disturbing phone call informing her that criminal proceedings against her were about to be initiated, by the Canada Revenue Agency. She was told that unless she made arrangements for a bond in the amount of $1,500 her passport and driver’s license would be cancelled. She says that although she suspected it might be a scam, the individual on the phone made it sound absolutely legitimate. He informed her that unless arrangements for the bond could be made immediately, a police officer would be at her door within the hour.

Again, please take this as a warning. The CRA never conducts such business over the telephone. If you get such a call, just hang up. You will probably be called repeatedly with increasingly threatening messages. Just hang up. And, if someone comes to your door, as threatened, call the police.