Executive Meeting Minutes

Executive Meeting
Location: 1465 Baseline Road, Suite 603
Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Time: 7:15PM
In Attendance: Marjorie Shaver-Jones, Mike Sims, Bert Rupert, Brad White, Jamie Mason, Steve Wilson
Regrets: Dave Madden, Rob Edwards, Catherine Fortune, Dave Hunter
Absent: Steve Livingstone, Jennifer Bougie

1) Call to order at approximately 7:15PM.

2) Bert moved to approve October 7th board meeting minutes, seconded by Mike & carried.

3/4) Rink update from Jamie: There are now 12 ‘solid’ volunteers assisting with rink maintenance. Watering of rink routinely happens about 3 times per week resulting in a great ice surface. Jamie requested money for pizza and beverages for volunteers – approved. Question of hockey came up – some hockey being played but judged as very low key and there have been no complaints received. Community Fun Day scheduled for Saturday February 6. BBQ provided by Councillor Chiarelli. Application for bon fire permit submitted to City Fire Prevention Unit ($50.00). Donations of fire wood needed for bon fire. Steve W’ offered to provide his surplus hardwood. Delivery scheduled for evening of Friday, February 5. Various games to be provided by City including a speed gun. Jamie to provide info on Fun Day event to Dave Hunter for posting on the CPCA web site and for email blast to membership.

Additional money needed to support rink operation. Bert moved to advance Jamie $500.00, Mike seconded.

5) Maitland Avenue Update (Bert): Requested meeting with Fotenn Planning & Design regarding Maitland Avenue (Glendale/Erindale intersection) traffic study. Fotenn may be contracted to conduct study to challenge City’s position on suggested change to traffic light sequence. Copy of Bert’s fax to Fotenn attached to minutes.

7) Membership (Mike): Thanks to Mike for sending out Holiday wishes to membership and also for
condolences note regarding the passing of John Atkinson, Castlehill resident (died while cross
country skiing in Gatineau Park).

6) Web Site Update (Dave H.): As noted above, Dave not in attendence. Marjorie suggested that Catherine might be a good candidate to help enhance CPCA web site with more community information (lists), ie. Churches, schools, clinics, services, etc.. Consultation with Jenn Bougie suggested. Marjorie to contact Catherine & Jenn.

8) Merivale Planning Committee Update (Marjorie): Marjorie reported attending a City planning session. Included zoning discussions and education sessions.

Issue of the ‘now under construction’ new Modevi facility was addressed. This facility is directly behind the now defunct Target store on Merivale Road. The City made an effort to have Modevi build on Merivale nearer the street but Modevi wanted a Meadowlands address and City Planning OK’d the application/permit.

Marjorie had a conversation with both City View and Bel-Air Community Association reps and suggested getting together to discuss common interests such as Baseline Road issues, CHIP program etc.

9) Canada 150 (2017): Marjorie reported that 2 possible government funding sources are available in support of Canada’s 150 Birthday celebration – City & Federal Governments. They are looking for suggestions. Are we interested, do we have any ideas? The suggestion of a commemorative field house came up. Copeland Park thought to be the best location. Upper level, opposite Maitland Avenue. Adaquate space for both building and parking. Steve to investigate options and examples of existing buildings such as in Trend Village and Fisher Heights. Steve to contact Jenn Bougie for further thoughts since she tabled the idea at a previous meeting. Bert to look into City’s position on the idea.

10) New & Other Business: From previous minutes – Jamie assigned duty/title of Rink Co-ordinator. Jamie suggested contacting local radio station for their movies in the park program. Copeland Park ideal location for such an event due to natural burmed amphi-theater.

BelAir Community Association quite interested in participating in child ID program (CHIP).

Question of what qualified as a quorum raised at previous meeting. Board has 11 members thus 6 would be needed in attendance for a quorum.

Question as to CPCA being an Association or an Alliance still being looked into by Marjorie.

– Meeting adjourned at 8:30PM