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Help support our activities and entitle a household representative to vote at the CPCA Annual General Meeting.


Help support our activities and entitle a household representative to vote at the CPCA Annual General Meeting.

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Read the archived minutes from the CPCA Annual General Meeting and the Board Meetings

News & Events

Ottawa Police Report – Theft

Jul 17, 2014

Crime Alert


Within the past 12 days there have been 4 reported thefts from vehicles in the Copeland Park area. All incidents occurred between July 4 2014 and July 12, 2014. Suspect(s) entered and rummaged through the vehicles. Targeted property appears to be money, wallets, identification cards and jewelry.

One complainant reported that many more people have been victimized but have not reported the incidents to police. It is important that all incidents are reported to police to give us an accurate picture of what is happening in a community. To file a report people can call 613-236-1222 ext 7300 or go on line at

Suspects information:

No suspect information available.

What can you do – Safety Tips:

  • Always close windows and lock doors
  • Don’t leave personal identification, vehicle registration or insurance certificates or credit cards in your vehicle
  • Remove valuables and shopping bags from view. This includes loose change and electronic devices
  • Never leave your car, house key or garage door opener in your vehicle.
  • If you have a garage use it and make sure the garage AND vehicle are locked.
  • Park in well lit areas with pedestrian traffic.
  • Consider in-stalling anti-theft devices.


Cst Sue Wright
Greenbank Community Police Center
245 Greenbank Rd
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel: 613-236-1222, ext. 2179

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CPCA Executive Meeting

Jul 15, 2014

Copeland Park Community Alliance Executive Meeting

Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Location: 1465 Baseline Rd., Suite 603
Time: 7:15PM


In Attendance: Marjorie Shaver-Jones, Bert Rupert, Mike Sims, Rob Edwards, Steve Wilson
Regrets: Brad White, Steve Livingstone, Dave Hunter

Bert tabled an agenda for the meeting.

Marjorie tabled a motion to accept the minutes from May’s meeting.
Mike seconded.
Approved by all.

Next AGM & membership drive:
Marjorie paid for the hall rental and insurance for same (St.Basil’s Roman Catholic Church, 940 Rex Ave.)
Volunteers needed to assist at AGM. Two will be recruited from Marjorie’s building. Steve’s wife, Dorothy, will also be recruited (done).
Invitation to be sent to Rick Chiarelli (our City Councillor) to speak at AGM (- action Marjorie).
Potential conflict for Mr. Chiarelli due to pending Municipal Election.

City representative(s) to be invited to speak on future plans for Merivale Road north & south as well as Baseline Road (transit etc.). (- action Marjorie).

City Forestry rep will also be invited to speak on the status of the Emerald Ash Borer (- action Steve).

Banner pricing received by Dave and circulated to board members via e-mail. Pricing judged as ‘good’. Banner format and content discussed. It was decided to invite banner supplier to submit a design proposal and board would assess. We may need to hire a design shop if submission judged as ineffective.
Banner locations still somewhat under discussion.

CPCA membership table to be setup in Greenlawn Park during Company of Fools theater presentation.
Staffing TBD. Rob suggested that we might ask Fools if they could somehow incorporate a few adlib lines into the play to address our membership drive.

Rob to ask Dave to create an advertisement on the CPCA web site for two positions. One position would be for 1 or 2 people to survey residents regarding CPCA membership. Mike is to ask or old post man, Gord, if he might be interested in the job since we want to focus our efforts on Copeland Park West and he lives in that area.
The second position is for a volunteer to operate as an Event Planner. The job would involve the investigation and possible arranging of such activities as golf tournaments, CHIP program, garage sale, theatre in the park, etc.

Web-site – Some discussion around whether we should restrict access to registered members. Have a members and non-members access area. No decision made.

Financial: FCA membership $30.00 (Marjorie re-elected to FCA Board).
Hall rental (St. Basil’s) $100.00
Hall insurance $?

Next Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 1465 Baseline, Suite 603 (Marjorie’s abode).

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The RCMP Sunset Ceremony

Jun 25, 2014

The RCMP Sunset Ceremony will be taking place June 25-29 from 7pm – 8:30pm at the RCMP stables located at 1 Sandridge Road.

There’s something for everyone:

  • The world famous Musical Ride
  • Equestrian Abilities Show
  • Mounted Arms Display
  • RCMP/Ottawa Police Service Pipes and Drums and Dancers
  • Central Band of the Canadian Forces
  • Rescue dogs from the Ottawa Valley Search & Rescue Dog Association
  • KIDS Zone that will include the DND kids’ obstacle course, petting zoo, face painting and much more.

*If show is canceled due to weather, information will be provided by 5 p.m. on the RCMP website and social media.

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All-Candidates Meeting for Ottawa West

Jun 4, 2014

Ottawa West-Nepean
04 June ​,2014​

An All-Candidates Meeting for Ottawa West – Nepean will be held at the Dr. F.J.McDonald Catholic Elementary School at 2860 Ahearn Avenue on June 5th, starting at 7:00 p.m.

DOORS WILL OPEN AT 6:30 to allow time for written questions to be submitted.

Candidates Bob Chiarelli (Liberal), Alex Cullen (NDP), Randall Denley (Conservative), and Alex Hill (Green) have accepted the invitation from the Britannia Village Community Association, the Lincoln Heights-Parkway Community Association, the Queensway Terrace North Community Association, and the Belltown Neighbourhood Association to speak at the meeting.

This is the first all-candidates meeting for the closely-watched riding, and may be the only opportunity for voters to hear the candidates respond face-to-face to questions from the public on the issues in this election.

Please direct any questions to Cathleen Kneen, Britannia Village:, phone 613-828-6047.

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Merivale Road Index Study Meeting

Jun 4, 2014

Merivale Road Index Study
Public Meeting June 18th, 2014

June 18th, 2014
7pm -9pm
In the Chamber at Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Drive
Join Councillors Rick Chiarelli and Keith Egli at the upcoming public meeting on the Merivale Road Index Study.

Purpose of the meeting is to:

  • Discuss zoning amendments with City of Ottawa Staff to meet province’s intensication goals
  • Give your input on proposed zoning changes along Merivale Road, including the zoning for the Merivale Triangle

For more Information Contact Rick Chiarelli at (613) 580-2578, or Tweet at @rickchiarelli

View the map of the affected area

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CPCA May Executive Meeting Minutes

May 26, 2014

Date: Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Location: 1465 Baseline Rd., Suite 603
Time: 7:30PM


In Attendance: Marjorie Shaver-Jones, Bert Rupert, Dave Hunter, Mike Sims, Rob Edwards, Steve Wilson
Regrets: Brad White, Steve Livingstone

Marjorie asked to add seven items to the agenda:

  • FCA membership payment.
  • Merivale Road study.
  • Receipt of CPCA incorporation details from Ont. Gov. via Microfiche.
  • Refund from Youth Services Branch for summer students.
  • Initiative to reduce plastic water bottles.
  • Ottawa Neighborhood Study
  • Chiarelli’s Annual Seniors’ Anti-Scam Seminar.

Bert reported on Maitland Avenue:

  • heavy truck traffic continues.
  • Addition of count down light seems to help reduce intersection problems at Glenmount/Erindale at Maitland.
  • Data on accident frequency unavailable.
  • Rob reported asking Rick Chiarelli for red light camera. Yet to receive answer. Rob volunteered to video intersection to support need for camera.
  • Bert to interview crossing guard to get his perspective on red light runners.
  • Rob suggested adding survey regarding Maitland intersection experiences to next membership drive form.

Next AGM & membership drive:

  • Mike supports new membership drive and suggested focusing effort on area west of Maitland due to its very low representation.
  • Next AGM date agreed for Wednesday, September 10, 2014; Marjorie to reserve a room.
  • Rob suggested using summer students to distribute AGM flyers. Flyer to contain date, time, location, agenda, membership form, treasure’s report. Marjorie to prepare the form,
  • General CPCA info sheet to be circulated in early summer to area west of Maitland. Document to be stamped with AGM date. Full AGM document to follow in August.
  • Marjorie suggested an outdoor banner to advertise the CPCA and its web-site. Dave to investigate pricing for such a sign or signs (qty. 1,2 &3). Dave & Bert to discuss potential locations.


  • Rob suggested creating a position within executive of an Event Planner. Would investigate such activities as golf tournaments, CHIP program, garage sale, theatre in the park, etc.
  • Marjorie reported on Merivale area density study. Included analysis of residents, jobs, traffic etc. Councillor Keith Egli is point of contact for this matter. Marjorie reported attending 3 meetings and said she was able to speak to our concerns regarding the Clyde to Maitland traffic levels and that we would strongly oppose this route being made into a major transportation corridor.
  • Web-site – Dave to continue administering. General discussion on access and cloud storage.

Download the May Meeting Minutes in PDF

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