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Help support our activities and entitle a household representative to vote at the CPCA Annual General Meeting.


Help support our activities and entitle a household representative to vote at the CPCA Annual General Meeting.

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News & Events

Smart Justice Network of Canada

Oct 21, 2013

You are invited to participate in a public dialogue with Kevin Page, former Parliamentary Budget Officer of Canada to explore this important question :

Are you getting what you need from the ‘Justice’ you are paying for?

The Smart Justice Network of Canada (SJNC)

and the

Criminalization and Punishment Education Project (CPEP)

invite you to join us on :

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
7:00 to 9:30 pm
Room 4007,
Faculty of Social Sciences Building,
120 University, University of Ottawa*

Steve Sullivan, the Executive Director of Ottawa Victims Services will moderate the evening.

Along with brief presentations by Kevin Page, now the Jean-Luc Pépin Research Chair at the School of Political Studies, University of Ottawa and Justin Piché, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa, there will be ample opportunity to share your ideas and hear from others in this community.

We welcome you to be part of this Ottawa conversation. Please refer to the online backgrounder via for more information about this community dialogue and why we think it will interest you.

You may also contact SJNC through the website to register for this event or communicate with us in English or French.

Please let me know if I can share our bilingual poster with you, to encourage community engagement among your networks.
I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

We hope to see you on November 12!

Planning Committee Members :
Sheila Arthurs
Lorraine Berzins
David Daubney
Susan Haines
Ed McIsaac
Justin Piché
Steve Sullivan
George Thomson
Linda Markowsky (SJNC National Coordinator)

* This location is wheelchair accessible

Thank you!

Susan Haines

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Chimney Repair

Oct 21, 2013

I am a resident on Tara drive and looking for a ‘goods & services’ quote for chimney repair work.

Would you have a contact availble for this type of work

Thanks, Jason

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Children’s Playgroup

Sep 6, 2013

A fun cooperative playgroup runs Wednesday mornings through the school year.
Include free play, snack, craft, circle time and friends – a great morning for children ages 0 – 5.

Cost is $15 per year/child.
The playgroup is held in a big space in the basement of Trinity United Church on Maitland Avenue.

Please contact Sarah at for more info.

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Kathy Yach and Hy Carswell receive awards!

Jul 14, 2013

The two individuals who built the foundation of the CPCA and have passed the torch to us to hold high receive awards for their service from counsellor Rick Chiarrelli.


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Copeland Park Community Alliance gets active this Summer!

Jul 14, 2013

The strength of a community is in its membership and in order to increase membership,  your CPCA board is hiring a student through the summer student program.  The student will be visiting approximately 1700 homes currently in the CPCA boundary to provide important information on the association and obtain email addresses.  This will greatly assist in communication on the important issues affecting our community, as well as inform members of opportunities to improve our neighbourhood.

In addition, we have revamped this website and will be using it regularly to keep members informed of news, events and opportunities that have an impact on members of our association.  There will be economic opportunities that will utilize our collective requirements to obtain favourable pricing on common goods and services.  How many of our 1700 homes need a new roof, a driveway sealed, a fence installed?  There is an untapped opportunity to obtain better service and pricing by combining our needs.

Lastly, we are hoping to keep this website current and active so that it is checked regularly and we encourage you to bookmark it.  We will send email alerts when issues arise but all of the information will be available here as well as links to other informative sites.   We may even have a CPCA hockey pool for members to join and encourage activity on the site!

Your CPCA membership is just $10 per year and we encourage you to register to enhance our presence!



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Land-Use Planning in the City

Jun 10, 2013

Not much is FREE these days, but the City of Ottawa offers a series of courses to help residents become more aware of and more involved in the land-use planning process. All members of the public (community representatives, developers, real estate agents, lawyers, builders, etc) may attend.

The program is a series of two core courses (Primer l and Primer ll) and a number of elective courses. Each is half-a-day in length.

Primer l covers:

The Planning Act and the Provincial Policy Statement
The Official Plan
The Comprehensive Zoning By-law
Structure of the Infrastructure Services and Community Sustainability Department and the City of Ottawa
The Building Code
Primer ll covers:

Six Most Common Types of Development Applications
The Decision Makers
Pre-consultation and Submission of Applications
Public Notification and Application Review
Issue Resolution and Report Writing
To get more information about attending the classroom sessions, visit this link on the City Web-site. If unable to attend, you can find the content for Primer l and Primer ll (notes and slides), and the Ontario Municipal Board elective on the FCA web-site, under the Resources tab.

If you’ve wondered how the City makes the decisions you read about in the newspaper or hear on the news, this might help you feel more informed.

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