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Help support our activities and entitle a household representative to vote at the CPCA Annual General Meeting.


Help support our activities and entitle a household representative to vote at the CPCA Annual General Meeting.

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Read the archived minutes from the CPCA Annual General Meeting and the Board Meetings

News & Events

Executive Meeting – October 2015

Mar 20, 2016

Location: 1465 Baseline Road, Suite 603
Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Time: 7:30PM
In Attendance: Marjorie Shaver-Jones, Mike Sims, Bert Rupert, Catherine Fortune, Jamie Mason,
Steve Wilson
Regrets: Dave Madden, Rob Edwards
Absent: Steve Livingstone, Dave Hunter, Brad White, Jennifer Bougie

1) Call to order at approximately 7:30PM.

2) Bert moved to approve August 31th board meeting minutes, seconded by Mike & carried.

3) For the benefit of new members all in attendance introduced themselves complete with a brief
personal and professional history.

4) Board function, member rolls & duties briefly reviewed.
Mike moved that Marjorie continue on as President, Bert seconded, carried. The remaining rolls to
carry on from last term: Steve as VP and Recording Secretary, Mike as Membership Administrator
and Web Site Assistant, Bert as Past president.
Executive rolls to be revisited at next meeting.

5) City Council priorities: See foot notes of October 7, 2015 meeting agenda.

6, 7 ,8) Greenlawn Park update: Jamie reported on meeting with Dinos Dafniotis, Program Coordinator, Seasonal Recreation, City of Ottawa).
A problem has surfaced regarding distance from lighted area of park to the water supply. It’s about 300 feet which means three 100 foot hoses (1.5” dia.). Storage of hoses in heated area needed and three hoses of this size require a significant amount of space (heated space).
Problem of liability insurance raised by Dinos. City covers all but first $500.00 .

Park usage option presented by Dinos of a splash pad – under consideration.
Reminder of tennis court resurfacing.
Issue of aiming park lights, could they be aimed in such a way as to cover ice surface in winter and tennis court in summer.
Mike raised question of park utilization – Ainsley, Copeland and Greenlawn. Ice rinks, Field House etc.
Dog Run in Ainsley Park proposed.

Subject of child I.D. program brought up by Mike (CHIP – Shriners). Marjorie suggested neighbouring communities, like Belair, might be interested in partnering with CPCA in such projects.

9) Reminder of Federal All candidates meeting (Ottawa West-Nepean), Thursday, October 8 in the Chambers at Ben Franklin Place, 7:00PM .

10) Other Business: Question of what constitutes a quorum tabled – if executives only in attendance then 5 would suffice. Catherine requested a copy of the CPCA constitution. Mike volunteered to scan and a create a Pdf. Question arose pertaining to the name of the CPCA – Copeland Park Community Alliance vs Association. Constitution shows ‘Association’ where as the CPCA is registered with the province as an ‘Alliance’. Marjorie to investigate.

Subject of Neighbourhood Watch raised – Mike reported that it collapsed in our area due to lack of block captains. Needs a push to restore. Mike provided an overview of NW structure and typical responsibilities.
Catherine and Jamie interested in resuscitating. Will investigate immediate neighbourhood to I.D. active members.
Mike to provide police contact information to Catherine and Jamie.

Three projects to be revisited at next meeting – CHIP, Neighbourhood Watch and park usage.

Meeting communications and scale judged as appropriate.
Doodle as on line scheduling mechanism judged as a good tool.

Bert spoke on the subject of the Erindale/Glenmount intersection/alignment problem. A Multitude of light sequencing options presented by Bert to the city traffic office – all rejected as unsuitable. Traffic modelling study needed – Bert to investigate.

Membership summary – 36 paid up with a possibility of 50 being reached.
Catherine asked what is the incentive to join?

– Meeting adjourned at 9:30PM

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Executive Meeting – August 2015

Mar 20, 2016

Location: 1055 Cameo Drive
Date: Monday, August 31, 2015
Time: 7:30PM
In Attendance: Marjorie Shaver-Jones, Mike Sims, Jenn Bougie, Brad White, Steve Wilson
Regrets: Dave Hunter, Rob Edwards
Absent: Steve Livingstone, Bert Rupert, Jeff McLean

– Call to order at approximately 7:30PM

– Approved board meeting agenda.

– Approved July 27th board meeting minutes. Moved by Mike, seconded by Marjorie & carried.

– Review of agenda & duties for 2015 AGM:
– Venue is lower level hall at St. Basil’s. Arranged by Marjorie.
– Insurance for event arranged by Marjorie.
– Annie Hall has agreed to record minutes. Arranged by Bert.
– Lap top needed for Annie to record minutes. Jenn has volunteered to provide hers.
– 2014 AGM minutes reviewed and approved.
– AGM forms – addition of PayPal to CPCA web site for membership payment proposed by Brad,
seconded by Jenn & carried.
– Volunteers to assist at reception/registration desk: Dorothy Wilson and Pat (from condo). Mike to
provide a cash float of $100.00 (10 x $10.00).
– Team needed at site by 6:30 to help with set-up.
– Ballots to be provided by Marjorie.
– Names of potential new board member candidates.
-Flyer distribution to be organized by Steve Wilson (team McPherson).
– Marjorie to arrange for new flyers in adequate time for distribution.
– Steve W’ to arrange banner installation at Navaho & Erindale and at Glenmount at Castlehill.

Other Business:
– Mike reported on Greenlawn neighbourhood families hosting a party in Greenlawn Park. Attendees
actively pursuing installation of ice rink. A number of volunteers have stepped forward to assist.
Mike will invite key contact(s) to join board.
– Interest in investigating alternate uses for all Copeland Park parks – Greenlawn, Ainsley & Copeland.

– Received a communication from BelAir Community Association asking for funding to help finance
an ‘All Candidates’ meeting (re: Federal Election). Agreement was made to participate/contribute an
equal portion to all other participating community associations up to a maximum of $200.00 .

– Marjorie contacted by Stacey Norris regarding up coming security information sessions for the aged.
Stacey looking for free space to host sessions and for possible promotion via our web site. We agreed
to post info on web site but unable to provide venue(s).

– Meeting adjourned at 9:00PM (Rev.A)

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Successful Year for Greenlawn Park Rink

Mar 10, 2016

Spring is upon us, bringing Greenlawn parks rink season to an end. Being the first year for a rink in the park ( in many years ), we were very successful! The rink saw use from mid December until now, we were one of the first outdoor rinks to open and one of the last to close. We would like to thank the many volunteers for the hard work and long nights that made this all possible, there are to many to name but we know who you are, it would not have happened without the dedicated crew that we had this winter! Thank you! I hope for those who made it out met as many people from the community as I did this winter.

We are looking forward to having another rink for many winters to come, with the possibility of a trailer to warm up in next year! Hope to see some new faces out there next year!

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The Greenlawn Rink is Open

Jan 15, 2016

The rink volunteers met their goal to have the rink ready for skating on Friday, January 8. That evening, the ice was beautiful! The wet weekend caused a little deterioration of the surface, but the volunteers fixed it quickly.

Our puddle rink has no facilities, except for a couple of benches you may use to put on your skates. Hockey is not allowed by the City of Ottawa’s rules of conduct for outdoor rinks, and we urge our youth and parents to respect this rule. The City has given us a generous grant to help with the rink, and we don’t want to lose the grant, if people don’t follow the rules.

The rink is there for your enjoyment. Get out and skate! Jamie Mason, our rink coordinator, tells us that the ice is perfect. Many, many thanks to the volunteers who’ve worked so hard to make this community rink possible.

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Tips To Having a Successful Yard Sale

Jan 10, 2016

1. Assemble what you’ll need for the day
You’ll need chairs to sit on, a table or other flat surface to take payments and provide change, and areas to display your goods. You don’t need to rent or buy tables. You can make enough surfaces, using card tables and patio furniture. Place boards over milk crates or sturdy cardboard boxes.
Keep tables with breakables off to the side of your sale or against a fence. Unattended kids love to run underneath tables, so the more centrally located they are, the higher risk you run of the table being knocked over.
Have an extension cord available, if you have electrical stuff to sell. People will want to test that your item works.
Don’t forget to have change on hand. Odds are, you’ll have to make $19.95 in change for your first customer. Make sure you have tens, fives, toonies, loonies, and lots of quarters.

2. Price your stuff
Take the time to put price tags on your items, ahead of time. If you try to price items when folks are standing in front of you, you’re likely to undervalue the item, and you won’t remember what you said to the last person who asked what the price was.
Ask reasonable prices. You want to get rid of it, but you don’t need to give it away. If you price it a little higher than what you expect to get, you’ll have some wiggle room when folks haggle. But, don’t inflate your prices on the assumption that everyone likes to haggle. While many people enjoy the process, some will just walk away if they think items are priced too high.
A roll of masking tape makes great price tags, because it won’t leave sticky residue on your stuff.
Price with round numbers – 25 cents instead of 15, $2 instead of $1.80. You’ll avoid juggling loose change and making math errors when calculating totals.
Have newspaper and plastic bags on hand, for your customers, to wrap breakables.

3. Merchandise like a pro
Keep similar things together and arrange them well. Organizing your goods neatly makes them appealing and easier for people to find.

Put some of your best stuff out near the sidewalk, to catch the attention of people driving by. You need to entice them to stop at your sale rather than driving on to a more interesting one.

4. Create ambiance
Play some nice background music so shoppers aren’t perusing in silence. If your kids are interested, have them operate a lemonade stand and sell packaged snacks or your favorite homemade cookies, to make some extra cash. Make sure to have a garbage can nearby to keep things tidy.

5. Keep your sense of humour
Keep your expectations low. Engage your customers with a friendly “hello”, to put them at ease. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

6. Deal with stuff that doesn’t sell
You’re going to have leftover stuff. You can try putting it on the curb with a “free” sign, but that won’t get you any money. Instead, consider taking the leftovers to a thrift store. If you make an itemized list of everything with its original value, and if the store isn’t busy, ask for a receipt. File this away to use as a deduction for charitable donations on your income taxes.

7. A final word
Yard sales can be a lot of work. You’ll probably spend several hours organizing and pricing items, and getting your site and supplies ready. But after it’s over, you’ll hopefully have a wad of cash instead of piles of stuff you don’t want, which makes it all worthwhile. We wish you the very best of luck for a successful sale.

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Outdoor Rink Almost ready

Jan 4, 2016

We are working on a pond rink in Greenlawn park and we hope it will be ready by next Saturday Jan 9th to skate on!! Attached is a picture of Jamie Mason watering with a few of community rink team who to worked to help clear the snow and build the rink. We are working hard to get the rink ready for the first skate on the weekend of January 9th, but until then please don’t attempt to skate! Thanks!

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